Digital Candidate Introductions

Digital Candidate Introductions

With the rise of technology and how ubiquitous video has become online, why haven’t more recruitment firms and HR professionals adapted to utilize the new mediums at hand? While the cover letter and resume combo will always hold a place in getting jobs, we at RFL are happy to announce a procedural shift that is of equal benefit to both the candidate and client.


RFL is launching the use of demand web video technology to support the production of Digital Candidate Introductions instead of cover letters.  This decision was made to improve the user experience from the end user’s perspective.  Most of our visitors derive from mobile devices, so why not create a process that can demonstrate a candidate’s strengths through the convenience of mobile video capture? But don’t worry, if candidates prefer webcam, that option is also available.   The use of digital candidate introductions unleash the spirit of creativity and individual expression.  At RFL, we are firm believers of promoting the uniqueness of each candidate and the business experiences they possess to our client companies.   What better way to do so than to drop the resume jargon and structure and allow a candidate’s personality to shine through.


Digital introductions enhance the user experience of who we recruit and how we go about it. All this is done while also keeping our clients in mind.  Small to mid-sized companies often have a small HR department, if any, leaving the GM/owner to source, recruit and fill openings.  We asked ourselves, how can we help this group re-allocate their time to core business functions?  We admit that time is money, especially for SME and startups, and that system efficiencies are not only time consuming but can also be costly when adopted and implemented.  Our digital candidate introductions allow for decision makers and/or hiring managers to view and listen to our candidates in under a few minutes.  This level of efficiency and time management paired with our flat fee model is something we’re sure both our candidates and clients will love.



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  • 16 Sep, 2016
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