Do you offer a guarantee?

Of course!  We offer a cash back guarantee. If a new hire does not work out within the first month we will refund 100% of the fee, 50% in the 2nd month and 25% in the 3rd.

Does RFL fill Senior Staff, Management and Executive roles?

Yes, we have flat rates for salary ranges that represent Sr. Staff, Management, Sr. Management, Leadership and Executive level positions. All our flat rates are in line with our pricing philosophy that percentage of salary fees are more about profit for recruiters than value add for clients.

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How does your process differ from other recruiters?

It doesn’t, or at least it shouldn’t!  Our process and service delivery model has been developed to ensure the right candidates make it through to you, our client, and the rest are weeded out.  We’re not sure what process other recruiters follow, we only care about what we do and how to do it better.

What areas does RFL specialize in?

Your OFIS; Operations, Finance, Infrastructure and Sales. Whether it be an entry HR Associate, Logistics Manager, Electrician or CFO, our recruiters are trained to meet your needs.