Screening Process


We respect the time of both our clients and candidates and utilize a process that minimizes time and effort, while ensuring a smooth and efficient screening process.

Once you have submitted your resume here is what will happen next.

1) Screening – Resume review & RFL Qualifying Interview:

Your resume will be reviewed and compared to the client’s requirements. If there is a match a recruiter will call you to discuss the job. If they cannot get a hold of you, they will send you an email to schedule a call.


2) Client 1st Round Interview:

The next step is a 1st round interview with the client that will be scheduled through your recruiter.


3) Client 2nd & 3rd Rounds:

We never said it was easy… There may be a 2nd round and in some cases a 3rd round interview with the client. We’ll keep on scheduling them as long as you agree to hang in there. You’re running a marathon, but there is a nice prize at the end!


4) Testing, References, Background/Criminal Checks:

If the client requires any of these your recruiter will discuss this with you. For references, three will be required. They must be professional contacts with whom you have reported to or studied under. It is recommended that you advise your references to expect our call.


5) Offer:

Your recruiter will contact you should an offer come your way.

If at any point you need some guidance or just want to check in, please e-mail your recruiter and they will help you out.