Interview Tips



• Following an invitation to a client interview, visit their website. Become familiar with their recent headlines, targets, challenges etc.

• Know the titles/positions of whom you will be meeting.

• Prepare a couple of knowledgeable questions.


Interview Day:

• Dress Business Attire – Jacket & Tie / Blouse & Skirt/Pants. Neat and tidy, nothing flashy


• SMILE! It really does brighten a room.

• Stay Focused – Come prepared with examples of your experience and work history. Talk for no more than 2 minutes at a time and then wait for the next question.

• Be Positive – Avoid expressing negativity about former workplaces.

• Do not discuss salary – It is inappropriate in an interview for an employer to ask how much you want to earn. If it comes up, answer that you discussed the role with your RFL recruiter and are confident in your abilities to do the job and that the company will present a competitive offer.


After the Interview:

• Send a brief “Thank you” e-mail restating your interest in the role.

• Take a few minutes to do your own “post mortem” on the interview. Were there any questions you were not prepared for? Did anything throw you off? Make some notes on areas to improve and work on them for next time.