Experience the Power of Flat Fees!



Ever wonder why double the salary, doubles the fee? 


Want to cut your recruiting costs by 30-80% without sacrificing service, quality or delivery?


Good. So do we.

(Though we might enhance your overall recruiting experience along the way. It seems to be a common side effect).


We Recruit The Economy

RFL is a flat fee direct hire recruiting firm serving the US and Canada. Whether you are looking to fill a temp or permanent position in Operations, Finance, IT, Sales, Marketing, or office staff, we will put top talent in front of you. All backed by a 3 month guarantee.


Don’t bother comparing us to the norm, you can’t. We don’t work that way. Give us a minute and see for yourself…


Transform the Way You Hire your OFIS

We work at flat rates to meet the recruiting needs of your OFIS (Operations, Finance, Infrastructure and Sales). When we fill a $75,000 role in 30 hours, did we really earn $15,000?  No? Didn’t think so!


The RFL model is based on transparency. Our services are offered at flat rates, as that is the fairest compensation for the time and costs we put in to filling your hiring needs. $3750 for roles less than $80,000 in salary and $5750 for those above. In fact, if you have two vacancies for the same position we will reduce the fee for the second hire by $1000! 
Why? Because we do not need to run two separate searches, so why should you pay for two. Transparency.


Out with the old…

The recruiting sector has been completely redefined over the past several years thanks to one technology advancement after another. e.g. job boards, LinkedIn etc. We have added our own enhancements to the mix resulting in a streamlined service delivery model focused on one purpose: getting the right talent in front of you in the most time and cost efficient manner possible.


The rest of the recruiting universe seems to disagree and is stuck in an old world mentality that maximizes their pockets at your expense. Why pay more just because everyone else is? We’ve put our money where our mouth is. See the Fees Comparison chart.


Recruiting For Less: Transparency. Technology. Talent. The way recruiting was meant to be.

Contact us today and we’ll show you how Recruiting For Less will land you top talent at a fraction of the cost.